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Vacuum Tumbler Machine

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Frequency Tumbler

Name:Frequency Tumbler
Details : Frequency Tumbler Equipment advantages:
1 , vacuum suction , reverse discharge, breathing tumbling tumbling when the raw material in a vacuum and atmospheric state alternately , can effectively shorten the tumbling time .
2 , large diameter powder filler port can easily add related accessories and other additives.
3 , computer-controlled Tumbler forward, reverse , intermittent , inflatable , speed , vacuum, pressure can be controlled according to customer needs , and free combination ; can store 100 craft recipes.
      Vacuum Tumbler meat is a physical process of energy transformation. Improve the extraction of salt -soluble proteins , so marinated meat evenly distributed within the fluid was fully absorbed ; enhances the meat knot efforts to improve the flexibility of the product; improvement products slice , prevent - cause damage when sliced ; increased water retention, improve yield ; increase suppleness and structural stability.
Frequency Tumbler Features:
       Flooded the system so that the liquid evenly distributed within the meat was fully absorbed ; enhanced focus on meat knot , enhance product flexibility ; slice of improving products , to prevent crushing slice ; increase product retention, improve yield ; keeping meat color, fresh meat system ; setting tumbling tumbling total work time setting time ; setting intermittent tumbling time ; continuous tumbling ; intermittent tumbling ; forward automatic discharge .
Tumbler apply to western sausage , ham, bacon , barbecue and poultry , Chinese sauce halides, leisure pickled meat processing . Especially for traditional Chinese product processing , adding tumbling treatment processes , marinated soaking time can be shortened to improve the effectiveness and improve meat quality .

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