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Vacuum Tumbler Machi

Vacuum Tumbler Machine

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Vacuum Tumbler

Name:Vacuum Tumbler
Details :         Tumbler generation of automatic Vacuum Tumbler Vacuum Tumbler addition to the features, but also has a computer-controlled inverter technology and functionality. Update adds remote operating system is the machine to use safer, more convenient and more energy efficient. Machine made of stainless steel, compact cylinder both ends spinning closure cap structure, beating the biggest increase in space inside the drum, so that the effect of tumbling uniform product, low noise, reliable performance, easy operation, and more efficient use high.
        Tumbler can be divided into: Small Vacuum Tumbler, self-priming Vacuum Tumbler, automatic Vacuum Tumbler, partial-mouth Vacuum Tumbler, no Vacuum Tumbler other types. Other similar types of equipment: vacuum marinated machine, mix stuffing machine, pickled cans, buckets and other devices pickled
         The machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate, reasonable design, structured, simple and safe operation, easy to clean, reducing labor costs, reduce labor intensity, greatly improving production efficiency, more important is to eliminate the production process because many people factors produced food quality incidents.
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