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Vacuum Tumbler Machine

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Small Tumbler

Name:Small Tumbler
Details :     Vacuum Tumbler Vacuum Tumbler advantages of using in meat that : through the vacuum , the air can be discharged and exudate between raw meat , so that in the future will not be generated in the thermal processing of thermal expansion phenomenon destroy the structure of the product. Vacuum Tumbler also help to improve the appearance of the color of cured meat products . Meat curing process for the oxidation reaction product is extremely detrimental to the appearance of color . Vacuum tumbling in long continuous production process should not be fat oxidation . Vacuum to ensure rapid penetration of the meat in brine , but also helps to clear the pores meat and meat vacuum so swell thereby increasing tenderness . However, the vacuum should not be too high, otherwise the pieces under high vacuum is drawn in the water to easily affect the quality of the meat . General degree of vacuum in -0.07 ~ -0.08 Mpa can.
Small Tumbler Features:
1, the injected brine ( including phosphates and other accessories ) of meat into the Tumbler , a full speed run through the machine , the machine goes tumbling the meat , which is part of the meat with a higher baffle , then free fall , and meat at low impact each other. Since the rotation is continuous, so every piece of meat has its own flip between meat rub each other the opportunity and mutual impact . This allows the meat to soften the original stiff muscle tissue relaxation , easy to penetrate and spread salt , meat, hair color uniform, while mixing play a role . Due to the continuous kneading and rolling against each other , the muscle can not absorb proteins and colloids brine composition , upon heating , the first part of the protein coagulation, which prevents leakage of juice , drain, thereby improving water retention of the article resistance, keeping the meat is tender, but also improve the production rate. In addition, the extraction of salt-soluble proteins , increased adhesion products , slice , improve the quality of the product.

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