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Vacuum Tumbler Machi

Vacuum Tumbler Machine

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Hydraulic Tumbler

Name:Hydraulic Tumbler
Details : Hydraulic Rolling Machine Features:
1, using PLC control, automatic operation, personalized process parameters can be set on the touch screen, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2, the use of variable frequency variable speed, smooth start. Operating speed within 3 ~ 12 rpm range continuously adjustable. Adapt to a variety of processes.
3, using breathing tumbling principle that raw meat alternate when tumbling in a vacuum and atmospheric state, can effectively shorten the tumbling time.
4, a horizontal tilt tumbling, tumbling effect is significantly improved.
5, the inner diameter of 100mm automatic vacuum suction.
6, tumbling through the hydraulic system when unloading barrels overturned, the material thoroughly.
7, with specialized accessories suction.
8, the machine made of stainless steel. World famous brand electrical, hydraulic and vacuum control components, stable and reliable.

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