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Smoked furnace

Name:Smoked furnace
Details :        China Steel Series smoked furnace with a programmable automatic control , easy to operate. Dried , cooked , smoked three processes can set the time automatically converted automatically adjust the temperature according to the set value , process ends automatically display ; main air circulating fan evenly , so that the furnace body temperature uniformity , the machine uses a special double stainless steel radiator, furnace temperature rapid heating, drying effect is excellent, and with the relevant domestic product is smoked furnace coil heaters, both warming effect is incomparable. Mode using set parameters , wide versatility , automatic operation parameters can be corrected .
Heating System:
Steam heating , optimized heat exchanger structure and all stainless steel steam control valve .
Cabinet Systems:
 International standard thickness wall insulation , heat resistance and reliability. High quality stainless steel inside and outside wall .
Smoked furnace by a number of system components :
With hot air ( drying or baking ) cooked , smoked, ventilation and other functions. There are a host ( furnace ) fuming device , in charge of road , high-pressure steam system , low pressure steam systems, electrical control and other system components .
( 1 ) Host ( furnace ) smoked food cooking processes are within the host , the upper smoked furnace with electric fans, motors with high-speed and low-speed rotation, so that the heat and low pressure steam coil heater in the oven the forced circulation , control the amount of smoke and the furnace temperature uniformity . Furnace with a temperature sensor for automatic detection of cooking , drying and smoking temperature.
( 2 ) fuming furnace smoke box smoked device upper part of sawdust box , the reducer drive stirring mechanism , sawdust periodically send fuming furnace and the lower plate of the heater , the smoke button on the electrical control box control , slow combustion heating sawdust smoke is inhaled , smoked and cooked food in the host fans .


HGYX-500 electric heating

XZ-500 steam

Productivity (kg)



Total power (kw)



High pressure (Mpa)



Low pressure (Mpa)


Furnace temperature (° C)



Water pressure (Mpa)



Standard trailer (mm)



Double door dimensions (mm)



Channel-type size (mm)



Weight (kg)



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