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What are the benefits using smoked furnace

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      Smoked food in the market is now more and more , smoked furnace is a variety of sausages, seafood, smoked one device chicken, duck and other meat products indispensable , with dry, cooked , roasted , smoked , dried humidification , ventilation, cleaning. According to customer feedback and market demand , after years of exploration exploration development and production, integrated circulation , control, speech , heating , box, cleaning systems, smoke shorten the process , improve production efficiency ; and can control the liquid smoke the amount , to help companies effectively control the cost of production , the product of a higher performance, improved equipment is more reasonable to make the heating rate and smoke effects are achieved the desired results. So as to provide a more efficient, more reliable, more hygienic and economical choice. The overall equipment design, processing refined and beautiful.
      The overall use of stainless steel, high temperature resistant polyurethane foam insulation , the insulation effect , fast heating, energy saving . The circulatory system devices employ a two-speed circulating fan, efficient and rational allocation of air intake , exhaust , makeup air agencies , to maximize air circulation inside the box to optimize the state to ensure that the entire cabinet materials processing controllable , uniform, reaching low power consumption , high output. And on the electrical control mode, the device uses a key electrical components and relays programmable controllers , solenoid valves, etc. are imported products , simple operation, automatic control time , the furnace temperature. Excellent smoke and circulatory system , allows the furnace smoke evenly distributed , so that the meat evenly colored , beautiful color , to ensure that products have a high production rate. Liquid smoke is a way of using liquid smoke , environmental protection, while ensuring the quality of the food . Smoked food does not contain tar , smoked after no pollution, no waste discharge . Compared with the conventional apparatus charcoal smoke smoked , the biggest advantage of the energy saving device , while minimizing energy nor the waste discharge . It uses a spray form , the liquid smoke atomization , the product fully soaked in fog smoked , smoked furnace smoke lasting color more evenly and reduce usage. Smoked furnace smoked the products contain 3,4 - benzopyrene and other substances that threaten human health , in line with the domestic consumer awareness and national regulations for such products in food safety.


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