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Smoked oven spices what function do?

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Smoked spices oven functions:
1 、 performance, effects: smoke flavoring is light yellow to brown liquid with a rich , smoky aroma, can replace the traditional smoked process, so smoked food industry mechanization , electrification , continuous production .

2 、Solubility: soluble in water, so it can be deployed into any kind of concentration and is easily added to food to go, can also be added directly without dilution effect .

3 、permeability : This product is easy to penetrate into the food , so food can be used for some small impregnation method to produce smoked foods.

4 、color : the color of the product is easily oxidized , and therefore smoked flavoring processed foods and more with attractive color , causing people's appetite.

5 、 in addition to taste : can smell the lamb , remove the fish smell , improve food quality.

6 、 crust : This product enables food crust, so that the meat surface to form a thin film , thus preventing moisture and oil spills, thereby improving food texture.

7 、 corrosion resistance : This product has bactericidal and anti-oxidation, smoked foods can extend the storage and shelf life , performance is superior to sodium benzoate , sorbic alcohol , the effective range of pH ≤ 10.

8 、 the safety of this product by GC / MS instrument detected not detected 3,4 - benzopyrene and other harmful substances , the test proved nontoxic to humans , is a safe and hygienic food additives .

9 、 the number using the general amount of 0.05% to 0.3% or customary dosage appropriate changes according to residents of taste , but not too much, so as not to affect the flavor of the food . Use of smoke flavorings : the use of smoke flavorings known as liquid smoke method, which is the traditional method of smoking relative.

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