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Tumbler use of safety norms

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Tumbler in the use of safety regulations :
Tumbler operating personnel must be trained for employment, Tumbler suddenly encountered a temporary failure or other problem at run time , will be allowed entry, must be professional on-site guidance by professional staff or processed to ensure the safety sex .

1 Tumbler feeding : Turn the vacuum pump , vacuum reaches a certain time, the suction tube connected to the suction .

2 , and using the vacuum pump to maintain the vacuum .

3 , control the running time, Tumbler have dedicated time set buttons can be set to different needs . So play the greatest efficiency. From the second time - hours in different settings.

4 , we can control the scrolling time bucket on the front panel to set it tumbling time , when there will be some intermittent tumbling machine production , you can customize the settings according to different needs. Convenient and simple. Intermittent time and working hours were set , with independent time control buttons.

5 , will pull the knob on the control layout to "run" , vacuum pump and pneumatic pull the knob to "ON" , the machine starts running at a set way .

6 , after work to stop Tumbler work rotating knob control panel to stop position can , if set working hours , working time is up, the machine will automatically stop running.

7 , work is work tail discharge cleaning, wait until the pressure inside and outside the drum balance ancient roller to release the material , after the release of the material , the equipment for cleaning, use a professional cleaning agent with water for cleaning. Final rinse cleaning.

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