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Manually saline injection machine equipment features

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      Saline injection machine can be uniformly injected with saline and accessories pickling agent to meat preparation , which greatly improves the taste of meat and production rate. Users can process requirements, by adjusting the stepping rate, stepping distance , pressed meat plate gap and injection pressure , the pickling liquid quantitative , uniform, continuous infusion of meat in order to achieve the best effect of the product injected . YZ-82 type imported inverter speed regulation stepping imported inverter , water pump to adjust the pressure . Adjustable speed and pressure to ensure uniform injection of disposable products . 82 bone- injection type can be a variety of meat and poultry products.
      The machine made of stainless steel , rigorous design , reasonable structure, convenient operation , the drive chain plate removable , clean, easy to clean , the meat processing business essential equipment.
      Product promise: One year Warranty + lifetime maintenance + + long-term follow-up service tailored to China Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. is equipped with a number of technical personnel on-site comprehensive engineering services for customers to solve technical problems. Company provides a full range of after sales service installation, maintenance , training, technical consulting. And to undertake a variety of special packaging machinery, tire mold design and development , and maintenance and reconstruction operations.
Service: one year of free maintenance to change parts, after a year of free maintenance , but accessories, customers need at their own expense . My company sent technicians responsible for installation and commissioning .


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