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Stage of fruit and vegetable processing equipment with foreign technology gap

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    Our dehydrated fruit and vegetable processing mainly in the southeast coastal provinces and the Northwest Territories , Ningxia , Gansu , and canned fruits and vegetables , frozen fruit and vegetable processing mainly in the southeast coastal areas. In the concentrated juice , concentrates and pulp processing, our concentrated apple juice , tomato sauce, pineapple juice concentrate and peach pulp processing occupies a very distinct advantage, forming a very obvious with concentrated fruit and vegetable processing , the establishment of the Bohai Sea region ( Shandong , Liaoning, Hebei ) and Northwest Loess Plateau ( Shaanxi , Shanxi, Henan ) two concentrated apple juice processing base ; in Northwest China ( Xinjiang , Ningxia and Inner Mongolia ) based ketchup and processing base in north China -based peach pulp processing base ; tropical regions ( Hainan, Yunnan , etc.) mainly tropical fruits ( pineapple , mango and banana ) and concentrated juice concentrates processing base . The straight -to-drink fruit and vegetable and beverage processing is formed to Beijing , Shanghai , Zhejiang, Tianjin and Guangzhou and other cities based processing base.

        Significantly increased the level of equipment

     Fruit and vegetable processing areas : efficient juicing technology , high-temperature short-time sterilization , aseptic packaging technology , enzyme liquefaction and clarification technology, membrane technology has been widely used in production. Fruit and vegetable processing equipment, such as apple juice and tomato sauce processing equipment imported from abroad is basically the most advanced equipment . In the straight -to-drink fruit and vegetable processing , China's large enterprises integrates the most advanced technology and equipment, such as from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, waiting for the name of the professional equipment manufacturers , the introduction of Tetra Pak , SIG Combibloc , PET bottles without aseptic filling production line , with the international advanced level.

     Canned fruits and vegetables areas: continuous low temperature sterilization technology and continuous de sac clothing technology has been widely used in the acid canned ( such as oranges , canned ) in ; introduction of a new computer-controlled sterilization techniques, such as canned chestnut small packaging products ; packaging materials have been EVOH used in canning ; inoculation of pure lactic acid production process of traditional kimchi undergone change, promote the development of kimchi industry.

     Dehydrated fruits and vegetables in the field : Despite the pressure of hot air drying is the most common method of dehydrated vegetables , but the country can enter the international market, mostly high-grade dehydrated vegetables vacuum freeze-drying technology to produce . In addition, the microwave drying and infrared drying technology has been applied to a few companies . China has developed a vacuum freeze-drying technology and equipment has made gratifying progress , a number of well-known manufacturers of freeze-drying equipment technology has reached the international advanced level in the 1990s similar products .

     Frozen fruits and vegetables in the field : In recent years , China's Frozen fruit and vegetable technology has many significant developments. The first is in the form of frozen fruits and vegetables from the whole Bulk steering processed fresh-cut processing small package ; followed by freezing methods have been widely applied in the air as the freezing medium hair style device , pipe rack freezing device , the device can be continuously produced by freeze , fluidized freezing device , so that the freezing temperature is more uniform , higher production efficiency ; third is as cold source refrigeration unit also has a new breakthrough , such as the use of liquid nitrogen , liquid carbon dioxide and other direct spray freezing , so freezing temperatures significantly lower freezing rate greatly improved the quality of frozen vegetables overall. In the quick-freezing equipment, China has developed a spiral freezer , fluidized quick-freezing machines and other equipment , to meet some of the needs of the domestic quick-frozen industry.

      In the fruit and vegetable logistics areas: research and application of major fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears , oranges , grapes, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic sprouts, cabbage , etc. Storage and distribution technology matured , MAP technology , CA technology has been mainly fruits and vegetables in our storage and transport is widely used in industry .

     International market has become increasingly evident advantages

     Export trade in agricultural products , processed fruits and vegetables occupies an important proportion. According to statistics, in 2003 China's agricultural export trade volume was $ 21 billion , of which exports of fruits and vegetables and processed products ranked second , reaching nearly $ 4 billion . In 2003, Apple juice concentrate exports reached 460,000 tons , ketchup export volume reached 400,000 tons , frozen fruits and vegetables exported 350,000

     Tons , dehydrated fruits and vegetables exported 213,900 tons , 1.62 million tons of canned fruits and vegetables , fresh fruits and vegetables exported over 1.7 million tons . Our fruit and vegetable juices , apple juice concentrate production capacity of 70 million metric tons, of the world, tomato sauce production ranked third in the world , the production capacity of the world's second , and straight -to-drink fruit and vegetable juices for the domestic market places Lord. After years of development , the gradual establishment of a stable domestic and international sales network and two major consumer markets.

      Our products have been canned fruits and vegetables occupy an absolute advantage in the international market and market share , such as oranges , canned accounted for 75 % of world production , accounting for more than 80 % of international trade ; canned mushrooms accounted for 65 % of world trade ; canned asparagus of the world 70% of the trade. Canned vegetables exports more than 1.2 million tons , more than 420,000 tons of canned fruit .

       Dehydrated vegetables and export volume of China ranks first in the world , with an average annual export growth rate of 18.5%. In 2003, the export of 213,900 tons of dehydrated vegetables , exports $ 446 million . Dehydrated vegetables have been exported to more than 20 varieties.

       Frozen fruits and vegetables to frozen vegetables , accounting for over 80% of the total amount of frozen fruits and vegetables , the vast majority of products are sold to Europe, America and Japan , the average annual export growth rate of 31 percent , nearly $ 300 million in foreign exchange earnings . Our frozen vegetables are mainly over 20 varieties of sweet corn , taro, spinach , asparagus, green beans , potatoes, carrots and mushrooms .

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