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Smoked furnace equipment system functions

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         Smoked furnace is our flagship food machinery , the use of advanced design, fine craftsmanship , quality assurance and technical level to stay ahead in the same industry . China Steel Series smoked furnace using 304 stainless steel structure, with smoked, dried , cooking , cleaning, baking and other functions , the user can process products according to different requirements , and choose the right technology program , to achieve the purpose of curing and sterilization , programmable PLC automatic control , easy to operate. Dried , cooked , smoked three processes can set the time automatically converted automatically adjust the temperature according to the set value , process ends automatically display ; main air circulating fan evenly , so that the furnace body temperature uniformity , the machine uses a special double stainless steel radiator, furnace temperature rapid heating, drying with excellent results, and related products used with the current domestic coil radiator, two warming effect is incomparable.
        With spray, cleaning function ; using set parameters manner , wide versatility , automatic operation parameters can be corrected. Equipment is mainly used to make a variety of meat products. Computer Automation : the big screen interface, displaying various parameters simultaneously on a single interface to monitor the operating status , which enables remote control , print recipes , temperature, humidity , authority , can store 100 process recipes .
        Unique air circulation system : effectively ensure that products in baking, cooking, drying , smoking , etc. in the process of temperature, humidity consistency , thus ensuring the product evenly colored , beautiful color . Material, thermal insulation : box structure with cycling as a unit, can be assembled into different combinations.
       SU304 using imported material brushed stainless steel pull . Insulation made of imported polyurethane insulation materials , high temperature molding, excellent incubator . Control Components : PLC, man-machine interface. Solenoid valves and other key components imported brands. Heating mode: external steam heating or electric heating . Heating system: steam heating , optimized structures and all stainless steel heat exchanger steam control valve . Cabinet Systems : International standard thickness wall insulation , heat resistance and reliability. All internal and external wall panels made of 304 quality stainless steel . The modular structure. Food grade seal. Cleaning system : efficient automatic cleaning system, cleaning program can be set in the control system . Smoke System: External wood grain , wood smoke system, not only the product produced fruit aroma , but also can make products made from smoked shallow to deep golden brown.
       Split sugar fuming furnace system, smoked traditional Chinese products , produce unique sugar smoked flavor, and the color can be controlled , could become the deepest maroon . Two kinds of smoke colleagues used the system to produce a unique smoky aroma and color. Wood grain on the door fuming system , using advanced technology in the world fuming cycle , hypoxia fuming , shortening the length of the flue , reduce energy consumption , reduce equipment footprint.
Smoked furnace equipment performance:
1 , full computer control program can display temperature, humidity curve, while the optional recorder running monitor can display map actuators and each process state table .
2 , imported from Japan SMC pneumatic pilot valve control vapor steam flow , temperature control accurate , reliable operation, the temperature difference between the temperature of the entire cabinet is less than 1 ℃.
3 , Blade after 3000 rev / min balancing check, the maximum wind speed of up to 25 m / s, effectively ensure that products in the baking process from top to bottom , left and right temperature uniformity.
4 , aerosol generating device using wood grain smoke generator , smoke and stable , color fast, and the smoke into the box clean and clean .
5 , with a high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning disc in the dirt and smoke tube fitted with a nozzle at various angles coil and flue .
     According to the requirements of customers before and after implementation of the smoke box door and interlock around stations and reach EU exports to Japan and registration requirements . The device has baking, drying , cooking, cold smoked , hot smoked , cooling and other functions , the user can process products according to different requirements , and the flexibility to choose the appropriate technology program , to achieve automatic control, achieve the purpose of curing and sterilization .
     Equipment from the smoke box , automatic program controller , smoke generators , smoked car four parts. A critical component is the steam pipes, heat exchanger and outlet channels to form complete circulation system inside the hot fumes in the mixed gas under the action of the circulation fan groups , a vortex region , the mixed gas with a suitable speed balance by uniformly suspended in smoked meat box to curing and sterilization .

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