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Status quo of China's food machinery industry

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         In a sense, the level of objective standards and food culture reflects a region, a people's living conditions in the countries and even the degree of a country's culture and civilization level . Food safety is a more popular topic in recent years , it has a direct impact on the life of a serious national security . And its supply situation , but also embodies a region, a layer of the developing countries. On the back of food , it is undeniable that the contribution of food safety and machinery . However, the status quo of China 's food machinery , but there are a lot of problems. We analyze in detail for you to explain the status and future of Chinese food machinery industry the way out .
     Machinery and equipment will be processed food materials into foods ( or semi-finished products ) in the application process we call food machinery . This is just a more general title, Paul widespread food machinery categories . Such as: refrigeration equipment, packaging equipment, snack equipment , BBQ frying equipment and so on. Food machinery from traditional development to the technological era , but now the status quo in which the food machinery also undeniable.
      Current development bottlenecks and other problems of food machinery industry , coupled with the trend of enterprises to cope with the economic transition . China's current food machinery are mainly middle and low self- produced , high-tech core technology still relies on the introduction of foreign technology , potentially higher production costs and lower value added many food makes this difficult to get a wide range of high-priced equipment application .
      Although in recent years the rapid development of the domestic food machinery business , but still can not meet the huge demand for food processing . Currently has entered a period of development of food machinery restructuring . More needs to fully cooperate with each food machinery manufacturers , multi- input technology , combined with China's actual situation , to produce more in line with China's food processing equipment. The government also devoted considerable attention over the agro-industry and food processing industry, which also created a favorable policy environment and market environment for food machinery manufacturers. Opportunities and risks always exist , but also the transformation and development bottlenecks encountered a good opportunity.
      Many domestic food machinery business, blindly imitate other manufacturers of products using inferior materials to reduce product costs, greater competition for market share, and this approach can only meet their immediate needs , long-term it will put into the dead end of each business companies should implement cooperation strategy , change the internal conditions and environment , adjusting the industrial structure , accelerate technological innovation , it should be more exchanges between enterprises, and more cooperation , more to the food processing and catering companies to understand the actual demand, the market demand is the vitality of enterprises .
      Only innovation come only to find the road , only to science and technology, culture, environmental protection and other social themes in order to produce the perfect combination of superb food machinery, food machinery makes a long history . We Chinese steel machinery has innovation as the goal , and strive to produce more efficient food machinery .

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