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The Italian’s Ruthless Baby Bargain

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The Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain

Mills & Boon Modern
ISBN: 0263870022
February 2009
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The Italian's Ruthless Baby Bargain

Harlequin Presents
ISBN: 0373527594
March 2010
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Nanny Penny Keeling knows working for the strong-but-silent Santo De Luca will be a challenge, but she’s determined to do it for his little girl’s sake. And she’s equally determined not to fall for her dangerously attractive boss – she’s been burnt before…

Penny is pretty, charming and utterly beddable – and under the fiery Italian sun Santo seduces her…

It was only meant to be an affair. Now Penny has announced she’s pregnant…

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“I loved every single minute of this story.”

The Italian’s Ruthless Baby Bargain is a craftily woven tale of the beautiful peasant girl—er, or in this case a nanny—getting the rich Prince—er, or in this case the gorgeous Italian autocrat!”

“Bestselling, Mills & Boon Author, Margaret Mayo has written another engaging story from start to finish showcasing the life of nanny Penny Keeling, and the hunky Italian Businessman, Santo De Luca. While Penny thinks she knows what she’s getting into when she takes a job rearing Chloe De Luca, the headstrong nanny really has no idea what her employer is looking for in a caregiver for his daughter. And Santo has no idea what he’s about to get in the bargain!”

—Casey B.,

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Penny had always known that Santo’s kisses would be sensational, nevertheless she wasn’t prepared for the whirlpool of exquisite pleasure that wreaked havoc inside her. The way her world began to spin until she felt sure that she would fly out into orbit if he carried on.

For so many years she had told herself that no man would ever get through to her again – and yet it was happening.

Now! And she had no control over it.

Santo had reached into the deepest recesses of her mind and turned it around so that she was once again a woman with needs that required satisfying, fully and deeply.

When he pushed open a door and urged her inside Penny realised they were in his bedroom. One tiny part of her mind railed against what was happening, the other exalted in the crescendo of feelings that were tipping her over the edge into a world where nothing else mattered except this moment in time.

And instead of fighting him she gave herself up to the erotic sensation of Santo’s kisses, breathing his name against his mouth, feeling the fire he had ignited take hold until it consumed her whole body. There was no room for questions, for wondering what was possessing her, all she wanted was to give in to the heated feelings that ravaged her senses.

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