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Married Again to the Millionaire

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Married Again to the Millionaire

Mills & Boon Modern
ISBN: 0263877817
February 19, 2010
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Wanted for the marriage bed!

When Sienna met sexy entrepreneur Adam Bannerman, she thought she’d found true love. With stars in her eyes she whispered, ‘I do!’ But Adam’s head was always buried in business, and their whirlwind marriage broke down before she could tell him she was pregnant.

Now her little boy is sick, and she has to tell Adam the truth. They’re thrown together again, and sparks fly – but so do the secrets that kept them apart. Can she risk her heart a second time and be coaxed back into her husband’s bed?

Read an Excerpt

Read an Excerpt

Adam’s voice rumbled from somewhere low in his throat, vibrating along Sienna’s nerve strings, making her pull suddenly out of his embrace. What had she been thinking letting him touch her like this?

Without warning his head bowed down towards hers and eyes that were the colour of a sun-kissed ocean took her prisoner. And lips that she had sworn would never touch hers again captured her mouth in a kiss that revealed with devastating thoroughness that none of her feelings had gone away.

They had simply lain dormant, waiting like Sleeping Beauty for her prince to kiss her and bring her back to life. Her body felt on fire, electric sensations fizzing through veins and arteries. Emotions she had thought dead rose up and embraced the kiss, responded to it, filling her body with a hunger she had not felt for a very long time.

Nevertheless it was madness. Allowing these feelings to surface was sheer madness. Adam would gain the impression that she was willing to enter into a sexual relationship and this was most definitely not the case. He had caught her unawares; it was not going to happen again. Not ever! That part of their life was over. They would be civil with each other for their son’s sake but that was all. She was not going to share his life or his bed ever again.

She jerked away, her eyes wide and fiercely angry. ‘What did you do that for?’

Adam’s smile was smug. ‘How could I help myself? You’re more beautiful than ever, Sienna. How could any man resist you? I bet they queue at your door. Is there someone special in your life at the moment?’

Before she could answer his tone changed. ‘If there is you can get rid of him. I want no other man bringing up my son.’ And his eyes hardened as they looked questioningly into hers.

Sienna thought about lying and saying that there was. Except that Adam was serious. This was no joking matter. ‘There is no one,’ she said quietly.

‘Has there been?’

‘I hardly think it’s any of your business. We’ve both been free agents these last few years.’

‘We are still married,’ he reminded her.

‘And has that stopped you going out with other women?’ she riposted, her blue eyes hard and challenging.

‘Touché,’ came the unblinking answer.

‘So I suggest we stop asking each other invasive questions and go home.’ Actually she would have liked to know how many other women there had been in his life but since she didn’t want him questioning her about her own love life, finding out that it had been non-existent, it was best they kept quiet on the subject.

‘And home is?’

‘If you’re thinking it’s back to your place then you’d better think again. ‘

‘So I’m coming back to yours, is that it?’

Sienna shook her head, her eyes very blue and wide with horror. ‘You know that’s not going to happen. Where’s your driver? He can take me.’

Adam grinned. ‘Guess what, Sienna – I’ve given him the rest of the night off. I’ll be driving you home myself.’

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