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A Night With Consequences

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A Night With Consequences

Mills & Boon
ISBN: 026388659X
May 2011 UK

She’s having the boss’s baby!

Kara Redman has been Blake Benedict’s right-hand woman for almost a year, and she prides herself on keeping their relationship purely professional — until a business trip to Italy proves to be her undoing!

The heat of the Italian sun stokes the flames of passion, and after hours Kara can’t resist the invitation into her boss’s bed!

But one night with Blake has shocking consequences — Kara is having the boss’s baby!

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It was the last day of the conference.  As Kara walked into the room she felt sure that every person present must know that she had let Blake make love to her last night.  Her reflection as she brushed her hair had shown a different woman.  A woman with stars in her eyes and a bloom to her skin.  A woman who had well and truly been made love to.

She had spent the whole night in Blake’s bed, only returning to her room to shower and dress.  She had not gone down to breakfast, food was the last thing on her mind.  And now she was afraid to look at Blake because she knew that if she did her hormones would jump all over the place again.

‘You were amazing last night,’ he whispered, when she reached his side.  ‘I trust you have no regrets?’

‘We should not be talking like this,’ she whispered fiercely.  ‘Let’s get on with things.’  Even so she was unable to really concentrate, she was too conscious of what had gone on between them, and she was relieved when at lunchtime the conference finally drew to an end.

Blake’s closing speech included his thanks to her for all the hard work she had put in both prior and during the last three days.  ‘I do not know what I would have done without my charming PA,’ he said.  ‘The fact that everything has gone without a hitch is all down to Kara.  Her organisational skills are second to none.  I think a round of applause is in order.’

Hot colour flushed her cheeks as every pair of eyes turned on her.   ‘I only did my job,’ she muttered fiercely.  ‘I wish you hadn’t said that; it’s embarrassing.’

And when he presented her with a bouquet of pink roses she was even more self-conscious.

‘You deserve some recognition,’ he said firmly.  ‘None of my other assistants have ever reached your high standards.  I could fault you on nothing.’  But it was not until they had said their goodbyes to everyone and finally went up to his suite that he shocked her still further.  ‘I have another surprise for you.’

His voice was no more than a low growl in his throat now and it sent a shiver of expectation across Kara’s skin.  She braved a glance at him and saw the way that his lips were trying to contain a grin.  He looked, she thought, like a little boy who was doing his best not to give away a secret.

‘A reward for a job well done.’

She waited.

‘We’re going on a few days holiday.’

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