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Unwelcome Stranger

Unwelcome Stranger
October 2015

Walking along the beach, Frazer Benedict makes a startling discovery. He finds a young woman, barely alive, without identification, and rushes her to hospital.

Grace Anders is so filled with despair and sadness she can no longer face the life stretching out endlessly before her. She resents those who saved her, particularly Frazer.

What could have happened to destroy Grace’s desire to live? Frazer doesn’t understand, but is determined to help and refuses to give up on Grace, even when she…Read More


Abby’s Bodyguard

Abby's Bodyguard
August 2014

On her way to a trade fair in Paris, Abby Redman, is met at Orly airport by a man who claims to be a friend of her brother. When she discovers he is staying in the same hotel she is suspicious and immediately phones her sibling to find out whether the man is legitimate.

Temple Townsend is a professional …Read More


Rachel’s Retribution

Rachel's Retribution
ISBN: 1499346123
May 2014

Rachel is shocked when Liam Mallory, a man she once loved, is the new prospective investor in the bistro she co-owns with Steve Wild. Having once worked for Liam, she helped almost ruin him. Tricked into it by another employee, she had not realised the severity of what they were doing. But Liam cast her out of his life.

When they meet again, it becomes clear Liam has neither forgotten nor forgiven her…Read More


A Secret Too Far

A Secret Too Far
An eBook Exclusive
November 2012

Heartbroken Rianne had built a new life for herself after her boyfriend, Javier Marquez, walked away from her without a word of explanation. Now, six years later, she bumps into him while on holiday in Spain and cannot believe it when he pretends not to know her….Read More


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