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All the partying and celebrations are over for another year. I can finally get back to work.  The interesting thing is that with a new year I’m starting a new book. How often does that happen? It’s exciting getting to know new characters. I always make character studies before I start to write but very often as my hero and heroine develop they show me sides of their personality that I hadn’t known existed. In other words they become real people. People who talk to me, tell me their thoughts, what they feel, what they want.  Does that sound crazy? Maybe. But when they live in my mind for several months I can’t help but think they are real.  How about you when you’re reading? Do the characters come alive for you too?

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Christmas & New Year Greetings

May I wish all my readers a Very Happy Christmas and good luck and good fortune during 2015.  This has been a mixed year for me as my writing has been much slower than normal.  So I’m really looking forward to making a new start.  I already have a book ready to publish so as soon as that one has winged its way to my publisher I shall begin another. And I shall be certain to let you know titles and publishing dates.

So again, all the best to everyone for 2015.


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Another year almost over. Where does the time go?  I know that I spend most of mine writing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a social life as well. My husband and I eat out regularly with friends and often take ourselves off for the day as well, be it to a shopping centre that we don’t often visit, or to the coast or even explore more of the countryside near our home.


I’ve had two e-books published this year – Rachel’s Retribution and Abby’s Bodyguard. (Both available to download from Amazon) Stories about two step-brothers who knew nothing of each other’s existence until circumstances brought them together. Despite this they are stand-alone books and I actually felt sorry when their stories came to an end because I had enjoyed writing them so much.


During the process of writing my main characters become very real to me and for a while after I’ve finished their story they live on in my mind. I never want to let them go, I want to find out what happens once they found the love of their life, whether they have children, and perhaps what happens to the children as well. Do you ever think about this after finishing reading a book? I’d love to know.


The good news is that I’ve just completed another book which will soon be winging its way to my publisher. This is a story about one woman’s painful journey back to a fulfilling life following a tragic series of events. Rest assured I shall tell you when I have a publication date – and meantime I have another story to write…

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When my network connection died on me the other week it made me realise how much we rely on the internet these days.


I’ve mentioned before that my first book was written on a manual typewriter (aided by a notebook) and now life is so much easier – but also more fraught with dangers.


The web’s a scary place if you think about it with unimaginable amounts of information floating out there on the internet highway. What if everything went wrong? What would we do then?


My six year old grandson is being brought up with computers, he can already do stuff that I can’t. But to be truthful I wouldn’t be without it. Not only for research for the books I write, but for the ease of everything else.


For the moment, though, I’m going back to good old pencil and paper working out an idea for a new book. I have one finished ready to be sent to my publisher but I want to give it a final read-through first. And I’m crossing my fingers that I haven’t made any mistakes!


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October sale Rachel’s Retribution

For the month of October my e-book, Rachel’s Retribution, is on sale at Amazon (as well as other suppliers) for only 99 cents (77 pence in the UK).  Here to whet your appetite is the opening paragraph:

Rachel felt a chill steal down her spine as the man strode into the bistro. She shrank back into the shadows, her heartbeat accelerating. The last time she had spoken to him he had verbally thrashed her to within an inch of her life. She had been young and foolish and had let him down big time. For days afterwards she had cried, feeling as though it was the end of her world.

Clearly it wasn’t the end of her world. But there’s a lot of stuff to get through before they are reunited in love.  Why don’t you curl up with it and your e-reader to find out what happens?


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