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Does anyone know what Fadge is?

I’ve just looked it up in the dictionary and it says ‘to be in accordant with’. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Fadge is something my mother used to cook for us during the war.

It’s common name is – potato cake. It’s a way of using up left over boiled potatoes.

You mash them and then add enough flour to turn it into a kind of dough. Then you take a ball of potato into your hand and flatten into a half inch thick pancake (for want of a better word) about four inches across. You then fry it on both sides in lard (not healthy I know) until they’re golden brown.

We (my brothers and I) used to eat them with a fried egg.

When I got married I used to make them for my own children and they were always very much enjoyed.

Have you ever cooked them? And if so what did you call them?



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  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Margaret, I love the name fadge. Mom cooked what she called ‘tater cakes’ for our supper whenever we had leftover potatoes when we were growing up. She used bacon grease and a little butter for frying and they were so good hot out of the iron skillet. And we were so active then, I’m sure we burned off any negatives from using grease. LOL

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