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Liam’s Story

Publication of my latest book is getting very close.  I’ve so enjoyed writing this story which is a sequel to Abby’s Unexpected Bodyguard, which, as I mentioned in an earlier post, tells the story of Temple’s half-brother, Liam. Unfortunately for Temple, when he does appear in Liam’s story he gets shot while doing his job and is seriously ill in hospital.  For those of you who read AUB, he does pull through, I’ve not killed him off. He’s far too nice a guy.


Liam is equally as tough and was once let down by his girlfriend, Rachel, who also worked for him.  When they meet up again eight years later he is determined to pay her back for her crime. As if forcing her out of her job wasn’t enough in the first place!


Here’s a taster from one of the scenes:



The cottage sat alone on the edge of a bleak moor. It was tiny and plain and looked unloved. Rachel shivered. ‘Who lives here?’ The helicopter had dropped them off a short distance away.

Liam answered with a grim smile. ‘It’s my retreat when I need to recharge my batteries. It will be just you and me for the entire weekend.’

It was not so much what he said but the way that he said it. With pleasure in his voice. With an alien light in his eyes which had turned almost navy. He was clearly enjoying the situation!

But he could not keep her here, could he? He could not keep an eye on her twenty four hours a day. All she needed was to be on her guard. The first opportunity she would run. She would run barefoot if she had to. She would go anywhere to get away from him.

It struck her as ironic that she was planning to run away from a man who had once been her whole life. They had met when she began to work for him and very quickly fallen in love. They had even talked about marriage – until she had done something so stupid that his love had changed to hate in the blink of an eye.

Hate which apparently had not faded. He still despised her and she had walked right into the mess she was in now. If he hadn’t been Steve’s prospective investor, if she hadn’t gone to see him, then none of this would have happened. He had well and truly tricked her. Had she really believed that they could talk and make amends? Had she been that stupid?

The cottage was as foreboding inside as it was out. She could not believe that he used it as a retreat. Admittedly there was running water and, surprisingly, electricity. It also had a very basic cooker, but that was all. No fridge, no television, no home comforts of any kind.

‘Is this really yours?’ she asked as she looked at the whitewashed walls and the minimum of ancient furniture. Stuff anyone else would have thrown out.

‘You sound dismissive. Why shouldn’t it be?’

‘Because you’re wealthy, because you live in a mansion. This isn’t you.’

‘And you profess to know me that well?’ Dark brows rose. ‘Think again, Rachel. If you did you would never have colluded to destroy me. You should have known that you would not get away with it. I’ve waited a long time for this. Perhaps I should thank your partner for handing you to me on a plate.’

Rachel winced at his pitiless words, not that she let him see it. ‘Go to hell,’ she snapped.

‘Oh no, you are the one who’s going to hell.’ His words sliced coldly through the air. ‘Believe me, by the time this weekend is over you’ll wish that you’d never even heard my name.’

She already did. This was not the loving, caring man she had once known. This man was a monster and she had no idea what he was planning. Nothing pleasant that was for certain. This truly was kidnap. She could have him arrested!

‘So what are your plans?’ She kept her chin high and her eyes cold.

‘Simply a wish to make your life as unpleasant as possible.’






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