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I was thinking today about how time flies when you’re having fun.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – watching a good movie on TV, walking the dog, playing with your children or grandchildren, even sitting reading a magazine or a book.

Or writing a book.

Time really does fly when you’re writing. I look up at the clock above my desk and think is it really that time already? Then it’s a mad scramble to make lunch or dinner.

I even forget to exercise, which is awful I know. And I have no excuse as I have a treadmill in my study. It stands there looking longingly at me, but somehow I’m oblivious to it. I need someone to stand over me and crack the whip.

Has anyone any suggestions?



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3 Responses to “Exercise”

  • Laney4 says:

    Schedule the same time every day to walk with a friend. When my friend isn’t available, I don’t have the motivation to go alone; however, I have no excuse when we’re both available. They say it takes 21 days to reinforce a new habit. Good luck!
    That being said, I haven’t walked with a friend for over a year. My friend had to quit for health reasons, and then my husband crashed our second car so I couldn’t get to the (safe) walking area even by myself (as he was charged with careless driving for falling asleep at the wheel, and our insurance went from $600/year to $4,400/year for just the one older car, and we couldn’t afford the insurance and the price of a second car). Excuses, that’s what they are. We all have them. If it isn’t the above, it’s the weather, work, or something. Maybe I should say, “Wish ME luck instead!” LOL.
    As Red Green says/said, “We’re all in this together!”

    • Scheduling walks with a friend wouldn’t work in my case because none of my friends live near me. I did manage a walk this morning with my husband but only because we had to be somewhere. 21 days to reinforce a new habit? I didn’t know that. Food for thought. It’s dreadful news about your car and insurance afterwards. These insurers really do punish unduly.

  • Sandra Danby says:

    For a while I managed to swim twice a week, but even that has stopped now. I didn’t know the 21-day thing either. SD

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