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I posted an excerpt from my new, soon to be published 80th book – Rachel’s Retribution, on FB this week, but in case you missed it, or you’re not on FB,  here it is:


On Thursday came a phone call. ‘Meet me at the Station Hotel at seven o’clock tomorrow evening.’
The line went dead before she could answer and Rachel debated long and hard whether to go. But in the end curiosity got the better of her. When she walked through the revolving doors Liam was the first person she saw. Standing straight and tall near the reception desk, wearing grey pants and a blue shirt that matched the colour of his eyes. Eyes which at that moment were trained on her.
He did not speak when she walked up to him, instead he took her elbow and guided her through the hotel to the grounds at the back. They stretched out endlessly and somewhere out of sight she could hear the whir of helicopter blades. This was nothing unusual as the hotel was used for meetings of people from all over the world. But when he strode purposefully in its direction, when he took her arm as she failed to keep up, misgivings came thick and fast.
‘What are you doing?’ Her words came out quickly, almost falling over each other in her haste to discover what Liam had in mind.
‘You’ll soon find out.’
‘If you think I’m going to fly somewhere with you then you’re very much mistaken.’ She wrenched free and began to run back to the hotel.
Liam swore loudly and in two strides was at her side, her arm once again in his grip. And this time there was no escape.
He couldn’t force her, though, could he? It was tantamount to kidnap.
‘The way I see it you don’t have much choice,’ he said grimly.
‘Everyone has a choice,’ she snapped. ‘Let me go or I’ll scream so loud that someone will come running.’
‘Go ahead.’
He said it so easily that she looked at him with wary eyes. And as she glanced back towards the hotel she realised how far they had come. Even if she did scream it was doubtful anyone would hear. ‘I hate you.’ It was a feeble attempt to vent her feelings but it was all she could manage.
‘The feeling is entirely mutual,’ he offered with a smile that did not reach the rest of his face. ‘Which in one way makes us two of a kind, wouldn’t you say? The next couple of days are going to be extremely interesting.’
‘What? You’re kidnapping me? You can’t do this. I won’t let you.’
Liam simply ignored her protest and the closer they got to the waiting helicopter the more fearful she became. Her heart thumped hard against the wall of her chest, its beat echoing in her ears. ‘This is insane. You’re out of your mind. I shall report you to the police.’
‘And you think they’ll take your word against mine when I happen to be on very good terms with a certain police commissioner?’ His smile said it all.
Rachel knew she had lost, but she was still not going anywhere without a fight. ‘You’re going to rue the day you did this to me.’
‘Like I rued the day you became my lover? You were the last person I expected to turn their back on me.’
His words were clipped and angry, his eyes hard, and although the whole thing had happened years ago it was clear that he had not forgotten. Had he harboured a grudge all this time? Or had he simply grabbed the opportunity to pay her back when he discovered her working with Steve?
Panic churned in her stomach. Who knew what else this man was capable of? The worst part was that she hadn’t told anyone she was meeting him. There was no one to worry or fear if she disappeared for the weekend.
By the time they reached the helicopter Rachel was panicking. ‘Don’t think you’re going to get away with this. I couldn’t care less if you are friends with the highest person in the land. Kidnap is a crime whichever way you look at it.’
‘And is that what I’m doing, kidnapping you? Who’s to say that you didn’t come of your own free will? You met me at the hotel, we walked out together without me laying one finger on you. I would hardly call that abduction.’
‘That’s because I didn’t know what your plan was,’ she spat. ‘Believe me if I had I would have screamed the place down.’
His grin did nothing to appease her. How could she have possibly once thought that she was in love with this man? She’d had no idea he was capable of anything like this.

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