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Abby’s Bodyguard

I’m delighted to announce that Abby’s Bodyguard, the sequel to Rachel’s Retribution, is now on sale!

Temple Townsend, my hero in this story is the half-brother of Liam Mallory who appeared in Rachel’s Retribution.  Are you with me so far?

Temple never even knew that he had a half-brother; he doesn’t find out until his mother is dying and Liam contacts him.  But essentially this story is about Temple. Temple is a bodyguard and Abby’s brother has asked him to look out for her while she delivers a parcel for him in Paris.

Temple has his suspicions, though, about the place where she is to deliver it and when he refuses to let her drop it off sparks really begin to fly – until Abby’s life is in danger. But even when he goes into bodyguard mode she still resents him.

To whet your appetite here’s a taster from the first chapter:

It took far longer than Abby had anticipated to find the address. Temple drove through narrow back streets and the deeper they got into the area the more run down it became. It was eerily silent and some of the buildings looked empty. She began to feel uncomfortable and wondered what sort of people her brother was dealing with.

But when Temple suddenly accelerated and began to steer his way out again she panicked. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Leaving,’ he growled. ‘You are not delivering that parcel. Not here.’

His voice was deeper and harder than she had ever heard it but he had no right. It wasn’t his place to tell her what she could or could not do. Martin had asked her to deliver the parcel and that’s what she intended doing. He wouldn’t have put her life in danger the way Temple seemed to think. He sent stuff worldwide all of the time. It was his business. He would be furious if she let him down.

 ‘We can’t leave now,’ she protested. ‘What’s got into you?’ He hadn’t even given her a reason. But her words meant nothing. No matter how much she raged Temple did not stop until they were back at the hotel. He followed her up to her room and as soon as the door closed behind them she turned on him.

‘You had no right doing that, Temple.’ She was so angry she could have struck him, or at the very least spat in his face. ‘What’s Martin going to say? He’ll lose money because of this.’

 ‘Your brother needs his head examining and I won’t be afraid to tell him so.’ His lips were taut, his face grim, even his eyes were cold.

Abby sank on to a chair, her legs suddenly buckling. ‘He’s not going to like it.’

‘To hell with what he likes. I can’t believe he put his greed for money before your safety. And I won’t be afraid to tell him that either.’

There was a sharpness to his voice that she couldn’t ignore. It scraped over her nerves and made her shiver. ‘What made you think I was in danger? There wasn’t a soul about. All I needed to do was hand over the parcel.’

‘And you think that you wouldn’t have been dragged inside?’ he scorned. ‘I know the area. It’s not safe.’

Abby shook her head wildly, her dark hair flying. ‘I’m sure Martin wouldn’t have asked me to do anything dangerous.’

Temple shook his head in disbelief. ‘Dangerous, no. Illegal, yes.’

‘What do you mean?’ She frowned, her fury in no way abating.

‘We’ll take a look, shall we?’

As he picked up the package and began to tear off the wrapping Abby gasped. ‘Temple, you cannot do that! It’s not yours. It’s not right.’

‘And it’s not yours either,’ he growled from somewhere deep in his throat.

Abby felt frozen in time as she stood and watched him peel off the brown paper, revealing exactly what she had expected. A beautiful old book. A very ancient one by the look of it.

 ‘What have you done?’ she screamed. ‘I knew it was nothing illegal. Martin would never touch anything like that. Your instincts have certainly let you down. I hope you’re sorry and I hope he tears a strip off you. You’ve mixed with the wrong people if you let your imagination run overtime like this. The best thing you can do is wrap it back up again and – ’

‘Be quiet! You don’t know what you’re talking about.’

His hard voice stunned her into silence.

And as he very carefully turned the delicate pages he drew in a harsh breath. ‘Just as I thought. This is a very rare manuscript. And quite a coincidence, don’t you think, that I heard about one being stolen a little while ago.’

Abby shook her head, her heart thumping now. ‘You think this is the one? Surely not? It can’t be! Martin would never handle stolen property.’ She was prepared to swear on her life that he wouldn’t.

‘Then it looks like you don’t know your brother as well as you thought you did,’ he returned, his voice cruelly cold all of a sudden. ‘I wouldn’t even like to put a price on this and goodness knows how he got hold of it.’

‘How do you know what it’s worth? What makes you so clever?’ she demanded loudly. He had to be letting his imagination run wild; he had to be.

Temple’s impatience showed in the flare of his eyes. ‘Abby, take a look.’

‘How am I supposed to tell whether it’s rare or not?’ she hissed. Except that it had seemed strange when Martin asked her to deliver it rather than use a carrier. Alarm bells began to ring and very reluctantly she scanned some of the pages.

It was old, it was fragile, and it was all handwritten. And clearly priceless! She stepped back as though it had bitten her, though she was still determined to stick up for her brother. ‘Martin wouldn’t know. He wouldn’t know what it was.’

‘I’m not saying he does,’ answered Temple, his voice quieter now. ‘But simply by handling it he’s indirectly connected.’

‘Then so am I.’ All of a sudden she felt sick with fear.




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