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Writing a Book

It’s always a relief when the first draft of a new book is finished, but then comes the hard work of knocking it into shape.

I know all writers work differently but for me there are distinct stages to writing a book, excluding the initial idea and any notes I might have made. This in itself takes time but for now it isn’t what this blog is about.

  1. The first draft. In my case I need to make it as good as possible. I can’t simply get the story down and then fill in the blanks, I need the whole picture. This is naturally the longest part; many, many weeks of work.
  2. Secondly I read it slowly through, make copious notes, expand some scenes, delete others. Check for repetition, and so on. Eventually reading it through again as a whole to make sure all is as it should be.
  3. I then print a copy and have a final read through. But, oh dear, on paper it is not as perfect as I thought. Why does it read differently on paper than on the screen? So here I go again, checking, changing, scrutinising, until finally I am once more happy. Then I get someone else to read it, someone with a fresh eye. Someone who tells me it’s not the masterpiece I thought. This part doesn’t quite work. That part needs extra depth. And so on.
  4. The changes are made and finally my baby is born and allowed out for all the world to see. And hopefully enjoy!

And just to let you know, I’m at Stage 3 of my latest book at the moment.

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