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Where would we be without words? Every conversation we have is made up of words, every letter we write, but it isn’t always easy coming up with the right ones. I was looking at my reference books this morning and was actually surprised by how many I had accumulated over the years on this very subject.
I have three dictionaries (one of them very old from my school days), a reverse dictionary (which is brilliant for elusive words), a thesaurus, and a Family Word Finder. But do you know which one I use most of all these days – Microsoft Word’s built-in dictionary, especially the synonyms.
I can’t see a future without real books, but there is definitely an advantage in having them at your finger-tips. No pun intended!

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4 Responses to “Words”

  • Laney4 says:

    I also have an old-school dictionary (perfect for when you can’t think of the right word, but you think you know the first few letters of the word), as well as a couple of thesauruses. What I have enjoyed using lately is a website: OMG, it helps me when I’m writing poetry (re its “rhymes”), writing prose (re its “dictionary” that lists “definitions, synonyms, antonyms and related words”), doing wordfind puzzles (re its “unscramble” for up to two words at once), and doing crosswords (re “crossword finder” to fill in missing letters).
    I love books…. (I wouldn’t be blogging if not for books!)

    • Margaret says:

      I’ll certainly have a look at the unscramble website, Laney. It sounds very interesting. Sorry for the long delay – your message was pending for some reason and I’ve only just noticed it.

      • Laney4 says:

        No problem. Hope you’re having a great day! (I have been putting “mactac” on my kitchen shelves and in my kitchen drawers. My kitchen is so small that there’s no room for a little table in it. Why, you ask? Because I have filled my kitchen walls with storage! I just counted that I have 51 shelves/drawers to mactac. No wonder I’m so tired, and I’m not halfway through yet!)

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