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Heroes in the type of books I write are always wealthy, successful, dynamic and usually incredibly handsome.  Why does this have to be? Can’t they be like the ordinary man on the street? Can’t they be like the man we’re married to? (Unless of course you’re already married to a wealthy, successful, dynamic and incredibly handsome man!)


I love my husband to bits but I wouldn’t say he fits all of the criteria above. One or two maybe. And he’s a hero in my eyes. But he wouldn’t fall into the category we see in romance novels.


Is this why we love to read about them?  Someone we’re hardly ever likely to meet yet alone fall in love with?  It’s usually a love/hate relationship between heroine and hero and this is what makes the story come alive. We know it’s going to have a happy ending but it’s the way they get there that’s important.


In my current book my hero has whisked my heroine away to a tiny run-down cottage in the middle of nowhere. Not a place you’d expect to find romance – and yet this is exactly what’s going to happen.  Unless I change my mind! It is a writer’s prerogative after all. I hate plotting and planning. I like to write into the mist. It’s half of the fun of writing.


What do you think? Do you agree with me that heroes actually need to be successful billionaires?



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2 Responses to “Romance heroes”

  • Laney4 says:

    They can have whatever occupation the author writes for them. I have enjoyed the unemployed alcoholic (about to be reformed), the man whose ex is bleeding him dry, the carpenter next door who fixes more than furniture/wood, the man who owns a ranch but can’t afford anything on the ranch, and all sorts of scenarios. Matters not the occupation. What matters is HOW the story is written. Romance is everywhere in the world; you just have to look for it!

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