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Today I’m giving you another extract from Abby’s Unexpected Bodyguard.  This is where she discovers that her life could be in danger and Temple comes to her assistance. If ever I was in trouble I would pray for someone like him to come and help me.  Wouldn’t you?



Abby had never been in a situation like this before and even while she was deliberating her cell phone rang. Expecting it to be her brother she snatched it up, only to hear a torrent of French.

‘Excuse me?’ she said.

A heavy, impatient voice, spoke in broken English. ‘You are Abby Redman?’

‘That is right.’

‘Where is the delivery?’

Every vestige of colour drained from her face. ‘Who is this?’

‘You do not need to know.  All I want is the parcel.’

At the same time someone knocked loudly on the door and she nearly jumped out of her skin. The voice on the phone got similarly louder, and even more demanding.

Ice ran down her spine for the second time that day.

‘Abby, let me in.’

Relief flooded through her veins making her shiver. She’d had the horrible feeling that whoever was speaking to her was also outside.

She opened it quickly. ‘Thank God it’s you, Temple!’

He took one look at her face, snatched the phone out of her hand and turned it off. ‘I don’t need to be Einstein to know who that was.  Pack your bags, we’re getting out of here.’ Abby definitely needed his protection now. If these people had her cell number who was to say they didn’t know the name of her hotel too? They were ruthless people her brother was dealing with. He had to get her away quickly.

‘Would you like me to pack for you?’ he asked when she made no attempt to move. He strode towards the wardrobe and pulled dresses and jackets off hangers tossing them on to the bed. Next he turned his attention to the set of drawers.

 ‘Stop! I’ll do it.’

There was both panic and reluctance in her voice and he guessed it was where she kept her underwear. But at least it had got her moving. And while she was busy he slipped back to his room to do his own packing.

‘Do you really and truly think I’m in danger?’ she asked quietly when he returned.

‘I have no doubt about it.’

‘You’ve had dealings with this sort of people?’ Her eyes were wide and scared as she asked the question and he had a crazy urge to pull her into his arms. Except that he knew she wouldn’t like it. She would more than likely put up a fight and she was already half scared to death.

‘Once or twice. Are you ready?’

Abby shuddered. ‘You’d better take me to the airport, I’ll find a flight.’

‘And run the risk of there being someone waiting for you? These people are not stupid. It would be as well to lie low for a couple of days.’

Abby didn’t fancy the idea. The phone call had terrified her and all she wanted to do was go back to England, give Martin the parcel, and pretend the whole thing had never happened. But Temple was probably right. She really did not have much choice.

It was not until they had left the city that she began to breathe more easily. She still wasn’t happy that she had let this man steamroll her into staying. Even thinking about that menacing voice made her feel uneasy and she couldn’t imagine what had made her brother ask her to do such a dangerous thing. He must have been desperate, but he ought to have spoken to her about his problems instead of trying to solve them in an illegal way.

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