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I’m at the stage of plotting out my next book – always both exciting and scary at the same time. It’s going to be linked to the one I’ve just finished. Which is waiting for me to e-publish. Excitingly this will be my 80th book, but I’m struggling with a title. I’d love to use Unexpected Bodyguard but it’s been used before, so I’m finally toying with Abby’s Unexpected Bodyguard, or simply Abby’s Bodyguard.  He was unexpected, and indeed unwanted, but in the end she found out that she really needed him.


Which one do you prefer?  Or have you any suggestions of your own?

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5 Responses to “Book Titles”

  • Laney4 says:

    Wow. I was just looking over some of the NUMEROUS titles of your previous books, Margaret, and I didn’t see any that had the heroine’s (or hero’s) name in the title. Are you switching it up this time? At first I thought all your titles were at least three words in length, but eventually I found some with two as well, so it wouldn’t matter this time if it were two or more words. You already published Unexpected Inheritance, so perhaps Unexpected shouldn’t be in the title again. Hmmm….

    When trying to find another word for “unexpected” or “unwanted”, my online and printed thesauruses (now THAT’S a mouthful, LOL) didn’t help in the slightest. I thought of “surprise” but it probably isn’t appropriate. Hmmm some more….

    Bodyguard Required? Bodyguard for Abby? Her Surprise Bodyguard? Operation: Bodyguard? Protecting the Bodyguard’s Heart? Guarding the Bodyguard’s Heart? Bodyguard for Hire?

    What about changing to Guard instead of Bodyguard: Guarding the ____ (whatever occupation she has)? Guarding Her Heart? Changing of the Guard? Guarding Abby? Guarding Abby’s Heart?

  • You’ve certainly given me food for thought, Laney4. I’d almost forgotten that I’d used Unexpected in a previous title. I’m bearing all of your suggestions in mind, some of them are really singing out at me. Watch this space!

  • Amanda Shivrattan says:

    Hi Margaret. I have only but two suggestions. They might not resonate with your story and then again it just might! 🙂

    What about ‘Falling for the Bodyguard’ or “Falling for Her Protector’

  • Many thanks, Amanda, for your suggestions. I’ll add them to my ‘to be considered list’

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