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A Secret Too Far

I’d like you to meet Rianne, the heroine of A Secret Too Far. I put a series of questions to her because I thought you’d like to know what is going on in this book, and here are her answers:


Q:  Rianne, you must have been very surprised when you bumped into Javier considering he had walked out of your life six years earlier without so much as a word.


A: Indeed I was, I thought I must be seeing things. I couldn’t believe it was him at first.


Q: So what did you do? Did you confront him?


A: Actually, no. Since he was pretending not to know me I thought I’d play along with his game and see how far he was prepared to take it.


Q: That was very daring of you. How did it pan out?


A: It’s quite a story, I couldn’t believe he carried it on for so long. But then I discovered that he‘d lost his memory as the result of an accident. I felt awful then for not telling him that we’d once been lovers.


Q: Oh, dear.  I can see why you felt uncomfortable. But he must have wondered  why you’d said nothing?


A:  He did. He was quite angry. In fact he was very angry. He got over it though and asked me to help him trace his roots to see if it would jog his memory?


Q: And did it?


A: That would be telling, you’ll have to read the book to find out.




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