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What’s that song about sunny Spain? Well, that’s where I’ve been. A welcome break from the freezing cold, snowy weather we’ve had here in the UK. It was a bit of a trudge getting to the airport because we flew the day the snow came. But it was worth it. The Costa del Sol was wall to wall sunshine. Not terribly hot at this time of year but we did lots of walking and sight seeing. And looking at hunky men for hero material!! (That’s me looking not my DH) Altogether it was just what I needed. I’m back with renewed energy and keen to get writing again. The one drawback is all the mail that’s arrived and needs sorting. Especially the bills – gas bill, electric bill, car insurance, car licence. Why do they always come together? Why do they always spoil the euphoria of a good holiday? Does this happen to you? Or was it bad planning on my part?

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  • Laney4 says:

    I’m glad the trip was worth it and renewed your energy. That’s exactly why people take vacations!

    Back in 1995, when my mom had cancer, I was her power of attorney. I went with her and set up all of her bills to have automatic withdrawals at her bank, so that she didn’t have to worry about them not getting paid, nor did I. It worked out well, so my husband and I did the same thing with as many of our payments as possible too. I have some of them paid on my credit card automatically, though, as I get bonuses for doing so (and don’t pay interest because the balance is paid in full monthly); with the remaining bills coming out of our bank account. As long as we have a minimum balance of so much in our bank account, we are good to go, as they say, and never worry about the bills while we are gone.

    • Margaret says:

      That’s very true. Our bills are paid automatically as well. But I print off gas and electricity bills (it’s supposedly cheaper to do this) and my phone bill, so all this needed to be done. (I need them for my accounts)
      I’m up to date now, though, so it’s all systems go.

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