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I used to keep a record of the names I had used but then for some reason stopped doing it.

Perhaps I should resume the practice because in my current book I have a young boy named Ethan. And coincidentally I was looking at one of my earlier books when I discovered that I had a boy in that also named Ethan!

It’s not a name of anyone I know but it must appeal to me otherwise why would I choose it?

So, my question is, does everyone keep records except me?

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6 Responses to “Names”

  • Laney4 says:

    I don’t write books, but I DO write poems. And yes, I keep track of every one of them (as sometimes I “borrow” a generic phrase or two if the two recipients do not know each other).
    If I DID write books, I think I WOULD keep track, as I keep track of so many things it is ridiculous around here. I blame it on a poor memory that is getting worse by the second.
    Good luck!

    • Margaret says:

      Good point, Laney. Interesting to hear that you write poems. Do you have them published?

      • Laney4 says:

        Nope. Strictly personal, as in special birthdays, anniversaries, and noteworthy events, as well as annual Christmas card updates.

        Last year, I rewrote the lyrics for “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” and then sang it acapella to a guy at our badminton banquet. I had never sung in public before, karaoke or otherwise, and do not have a beautiful voice, but it was a special occasion that required something special, so I stepped in to sing it when my girlfriend couldn’t make it.

        This year, I again wanted the banquet to have something special and couldn’t think of what to do. My daughter’s Grade 2 teacher, now 75 years of age, immediately knew I should write a poem. So I wrote a “year in review” poem and read it to the 60+ people in attendance. Sure was a lot easier than singing it, and it was just as appreciated, I think!

        Now that people know I can write poems, they expect it to become an annual event. I don’t know about that. In previous years, I was in charge of “gag prizes” with a low budget, and I enjoyed the challenge of finding appropriate yet funny gifts for all. I am no longer on the executive (not for lack of them trying, mind you), so that responsibility no longer falls to me (whew!), although I have bought my own gifts on occasion through the years too. Last year, I also told how one player had been in the finals, not necessarily winning, though, of numerous tournaments during his 40-year badminton career, whether in the A flight or the A-Consolation flight, and at 57 years of age, I thought he was a “perennial” finalist; I gave him hostas from my front yard since they were also perennials. The year previous to that, I bought an 18″ blow-up doll at a “naughty” store, dressed it in my daughter’s toddler clothes from years gone by, and presented it to a guy as his partner for the following year, since he always has different partners and still manages to win.

  • Margaret says:

    How talented you are, Laney. I love the thought of you singing your poem. You’re so brave. I cannot sing one single note in tune. My DH is always laughing at me when I try. All I can say is, keep up the good work. Maybe you could one day publish a book of your poems?

    • Laney4 says:

      Nah. My poems are too personalized, as they contain numerous references to things only the recipients would understand.
      Sometimes it’s even the nuances that “make” the poems. For example, in my badminton poem, I would pause and say the word “abreast” and later “played together” and “ended up going down”. People who know my warped sense of humour groaned at first but later they all laughed out loud when I “came” to these double entendres. I guess it isn’t what I said that was humourous, but the choice of words instead.
      My Christmas newsletter poems tell too much personal info about our family, what with my MIL’s Alzheimer’s progression, as last year she knew her kids but not her grandkids. In this year’s Christmas poem, I’ll point out that she now doesn’t know her kids’ names that well either. The following year she probably won’t know our faces either. It’s sad, but true.
      Another thing to point out is that I don’t send the exact same poem to everyone on my Christmas list. Some people are intentionally not told certain details so those stanzas are omitted, while other recipients have certain words changed.
      Ya know, I started writing poetry back in Grade 9 (1972) and have my original notebook to this day. I used to write limericks about my teachers – some complimentary and some not. I would not want them to read these. I didn’t start writing poems again until my best friend’s 45th birthday six years ago. I stood up (shaking) and read my poems (one serious and the other comical) to her at the restaurant long table. I had no intention of doing that, but others had also written poems; they stood up so I stood up. It’s a good memory, despite the shaking. When I turned 50 a few years ago, I realized that it doesn’t matter if you shake or not. Just do it!

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