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Heroes and Heroines

I’m enjoying writing my current book far more than I usually do. Not that I don’t still have days when I tear my hair out and wonder what the hell I’m doing writing when it’s so difficult.
But this story seems to be resonating inside myself more than usual. I love my hero, really love him. Perhaps it’s because he’s lost his memory and I feel sorry for him. Or could it be-cause he’s totally gorgeous? Aren’t they all? What would be the point of a hero who did not tug at our heartstrings? And my poor heroine who thought he’d deserted her and has now found him again – she’s going through the mill because there are things that happened in her life after he left that she does not want to tell him about.
So you can see why I’m enjoying it.
I haven’t done much writing the last couple of weeks because I’ve felt really rotten, but I’m back on form again now and I’m looking forward to finding out how my hero and heroine resolve their issues.


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  • Laney4 says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now. I didn’t feel the joy when playing badminton a couple of weeks ago (and I’ve played competitively for 25 years now), so I took a one-week break from it (as I usually play 5 nights a week). I still wasn’t thrilled when returning, but then I realized I wasn’t enjoying it because most of my friends weren’t playing lately due to trips and injuries. Once a couple of them returned, I found my joy again.
    I hope you continue to find your joy in writing (said as someone who wishes you – the person – the best always, as well as someone who wishes you – the writer – to continue writing more books that I can continue to enjoy!).

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