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Foto Friday

I love this photo. It’s of a little village we found in Wales last year, and what I like most about it is the different colours of the cottages. There’s certainly nothing dreary about this place even if it’s raining.

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7 Responses to “Foto Friday”

  • Chris says:

    Lovely picture, Margaret. Reminds me of home. There are lots of little villages in Wales like this one and the picture kind of reminds me of Solva.

    • Margaret says:

      Chris, It is Solva. We love Wales and spent some time in Solva one day last year. It’s a lovely little town. And for such a small place it had an amazing shop that seemed never ending and sold all sorts of goodies.

  • Chris says:

    I thought I recognized it, Margaret. I’ve spent many happy days in Solva as I grew up not far from there. There are lots of lovely little villages like that aren’t there and I’m sure I know the shop you’re talking about. I live in Houston, Texas now and so miss the quaint little villages. I was home in Wales for a week over Xmas and went for a run to the coast as I always do when I’m home so stopped for lunch at the Ship Inn in Solva.

    • Margaret says:

      Ship Inn is where we had lunch too. I’m interested to hear you now live in Houston. I have a son living in Florida. We certainly spread out a lot these days, don’t we?

  • Chris says:

    Yes we do spread out don’t we! My husband and I just moved to Houston three months ago from Dallas where we’d lived for the last 16 years. At least we’re a little closer to the coast here so we’ll do some day trips to Galveston. I do so miss living near the sea.

    Where in Florida is your son?

    • Margaret says:

      My son lives in Ocala – reasonably close to his in-laws. We visited for Thanksgiving 2010 and had a wonderful time. And just loved the weather. My son says he wouldn’t like to live back in England now.

      • Chris says:

        There’s a lot of things I miss about Wales but the weather isn’t on the list 🙂

        It’s a toss up for us whether we’ll retire to Istanbul or Florida!! It will all depend on if there are any grandchildren..i suspect we’ll be dividing out time between both with visits to Wales slotted in.

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