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I’m very busy at the moment working on my next book which has the most gorgeous bodyguard you’ve ever met in it. More about him later. In the meantime, I thought you might like to read the first chapter of my new e-book – A Secret Too Far:

Rianne thought she must be seeing things. There was no way on this earth that the man deep in conversation on the other side of the room could be who she thought he was. It had to be someone who looked like him. Someone who had the same lean figure, the same high brow and enigmatic dark eyes.

She forced herself to look away and carry on talking to her friend. They had just spent an energetic hour in the gym and were now relaxing in the cafeteria with a long, cooling drink. Although they were on holiday in Barcelona the nearby health club had been too tempting to resist.

Rianne’s heartbeats, which had returned to normal after their exercise, now began hammering an uneven rhythm and, unable to help herself, as though an invisible force had taken over, she glanced once again at the man in the corner and tried to ignore her racing heart. It must be Javier. It could be no other. She had known him too well. Too intimately!

“What’s wrong?”

Rianne looked at her friend, unaware that Julie was watching her.

“You’ve gone suddenly pale. You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.”

As well she might have done. A ghost from her past, a ghost come to haunt her. But she didn’t want to talk about him to Julie. Julie was a practical, no-nonsense person who would scoff at the very thought. Besides she had never told her friend about Javier. She had seen no point. He was someone she had tried her hardest to forget.

“I think we should go,” she said instead, feeling as though the air had been drained from her lungs, each breath a struggle. It had nothing to do with her earlier workout, and everything to do with the man whose presence, even from this distance, felt as though it was suffocating her. [read more]

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