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Every now and then I give myself a computer free weekend. This was one of them. We’ve had our eldest grandson to stay and we’ve been out and about so I didn’t really miss it until last night when he’d gone home. I found it very hard not to come into my study and press the switches and turn on the screen, then sign in….

But somehow I managed it – and it’s now eleven in the morning and I’ve just switched on. After a sunny and hot weekend it’s still unseasonally warm outside so I have washing on the line and my DH is out there doing some garden maintenance – which is never ending. He’s actually taken over some of the weeding which was always my domain. Leaving me more time to write. More time to sit on my butt at the computer – and get fat!

Actually I’m down to my lowest weight in a long time. I’m only one stone heavier than before I had the children over forty years ago. So I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

Back to the writing…..

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4 Responses to “weekend”

  • Lacey Devlin says:

    Congratulations on being so fit and healthy Margaret! Perhaps I need to weed more… =)

  • Margaret Mayo says:

    Weeding is back breaking, Lacey. A necessary evil, I find. I used to do it but slowly my DH is taking over. Except that occasionally he pulls up something that he shouldn't!

  • Laney4 says:

    Oh my. I just Googled and found that one stone is 14 pounds. Oh, to be within 14 pounds of my before-children weight…. A hearty congratulations to you, Margaret. That is indeed wonderful!

  • Margaret Mayo says:

    Many thanks, Laney4. I lost weight slowly over the last twelve months through careful eating and I now find that if I watch what I eat, allowing myself some treats, then I'm maintaining it. The thing is I feel a lot better for it.

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