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Waste paper

For the moment my writing has come to a full stop. I blame it on my grandchildren and school summer holidays. Plus a very necessary blitz on my office files. I now have slim files and piles of paperwork to dispose of. I used to shred but our council will not now take shredded paper. They say it blows away when the binmen empty it into their trucks.
Go figure!
So when I finally get down to it (it’s sitting on my office floor at the moment) it will mean a trip to the tip. Or should I be politically correct and say recycling depot?
What do you do with all your waste paper?
Do you recall (or perhaps you’re not as old as me) when computers became popular they said we would soon be a paperless society? What a mistaken notion that was. We seem to create more paperwork than ever. Printing stuff out – just in case – and then possibly never looking at it again.
OK, enough said about paper wastage. I’ll get down off my bandwagon.
Enjoy your weekend.

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2 Responses to “Waste paper”

  • Laney4 says:

    We are fortunate to live where lots of things are recycled. We put our garbage can out (probably once every four weeks) and beside it are our weekly recycling bins, filled to the brim. I shred everything here and place it in empty Pepsi boxes (my family still drinks pop, but I haven’t had any since Oct 29/10) or in plastic bags (if I’m out of small boxes). I am paranoid about identity theft.
    Yes, I remember them saying it would be a paperless society. Bull.
    Now I am annoyed that my bank will soon charge $2/month to receive paper statements – or I could go online to print myself for free. I don’t want my banking info “out there” and have done telephone banking instead for years. I want the information in print so I have evidence for my income taxes (as I’m self-employed and can declare bills automatically paid out of my account). Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

    • margaret says:

      I’m glad you agree with me, Laney4 about a paperless society and I can understand your paranoia about your info being ‘out there’ It seems to be an unfortunate part of our society these days. There’s hardly anything you can do without it being on line. Until things go wrong and you have to phone to correct a problem – as I did recently re my gas bill. And I still haven’t had a satisfactory answer.

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