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Return a Stranger

Do the characters on book covers ever look exactly how you imagined them to be?

Very rarely.

But on this occasion…

I was looking at this cover the other day – prompted to do so by the wonderful Kate Walker’s new book THE RETURN OF THE STRANGER (a must read for anyone who hasn’t read it yet). I knew I had had a similar title. First of all the eyes captured me – they looked the same – as though they were brother and sister.

After briefly reacquainting myself with the book – which was published in 1983 after all – I realised that I had mentioned that my hero and heroine had more than once been mistaken for brother and sister.

So well done the artist on this occasion.

In a book I’ve just finished reading the heroine had short black hair – but on the cover she had long, dark brown hair tied up in a chignon.

For me it spoilt the image.

How about you? Do you care whether the cover photos match the descriptions inside?

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2 Responses to “Return a Stranger”

  • Laney4 says:

    Usually it does spoil it for me. I have read about a fancy ball and how the heroine perhaps wore a beautiful blue dress, but the cover shows that special occasion when she is wearing a pink dress. Yick! My mind keeps going back to that while continuing to read, always wondering if there was anything else not captured correctly by the artist/publisher. My thought is that if you can’t follow what the author wrote, why not just put in scenery instead? Actually … now that I think about it … they’d probably screw that up too….

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