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Yesterday, the first day of September, we had glorious blue skies here in the UK and it felt like the middle of summer instead of the beginning of autumn. DH and I made a nostalgic trip. We returned to the park (or arboretum as it is grandly called) where we met fifty five years ago. It was a chance meeting of two boys and two girls. Fate I guess. Our friendship lasted, my friend’s didn’t. And I say friendship because that’s what we are – good friends, loving friends. Always have been always will be. We’re total opposites but that’s part of the fun.

I took a few photographs. Not of the spot where we met, though I suppose I should have done. But this is one of the nicest.

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2 Responses to “Nostalgia”

  • Laney4 says:

    Not sure where I “met” my husband, as he was in the “CBers” club, as were my parents, and I was probably in high school when I spoke with him. I had a boyfriend after college, but we broke up in Aug/80, and I “met” my soon-to-be husband in front of the local post office on the Friday of Labour Day weekend (do you hear the Twilight Zone music? do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do!) right afterward, 31 years ago (sort of) to the day. My DH offered me a ride back to my parents’ place, where I was visiting, and he came in and visited with my mom. He invited me to the movies that night (no idea what we saw), and I invited him back to my nearby apartment (gasp). We sat on the floor (as I didn’t have a lot of furniture, but we had our backs to the couch) and played Cribbage while watching Saturday Night Live. He then drove me back to my mom’s, where I stayed overnight. The following day the CBers club drove “north” to watch the “changing leaves”, so my DH accompanied me and my parents in their motor home, where I fell asleep at the kitchen table and slid onto the floor. Yet he still married me. Go figure.

  • margaret says:

    Good story, Laney4. I especially love the bit where you fell asleep at the kitchen table and slid to the floor. Very romantic!!!!

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