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I can’t believe it’s September already and the leaves are beginning to turn on the trees. Where has the year gone? On the other hand there’s some spectacular autumn colours appearing on the trees already. Which reminds me of my book AUTUMN DECEPTION.

This book was published in 1978 so it’s hard for me to remember what it was about – but here is the blurb:

The celebrated scientist Finch Halifax didn’t like publicity – but it was Jaine Brown’s job as a budding reporter to get an interview with him. As it happened, it was by sheer chance that she met him and found herself staying in his house – which should have given her just the opportunity she needed.

But instead she fell in love with him, so the last thing she wanted now was to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, though, Finch found out who she really was – and nothing Jaine could do would convince him that she hadn’t been deceiving him about everything – including her own feelings!

I wonder what would happen if I took this blurb and turned it into a brand new story?

Just a thought!


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2 Responses to “Autumn”

  • Karen says:

    Lovely nostalgic cover, Margaret! I like the sound of the story too. I do like the autumn colours – just not the cooler temperatures that accompany them!

  • margaret says:

    Me too, Karen. There are so many rich colours. I saw a tiny tree today that was the most gorgeous red. It was in a container at a garden centre and there was no name on it. But it really stood out.

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