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winners and losers

It’s crunch time. One final read through and my book will be winging its way to my editor. My only problem in tightening the story is that I’ve lost rather gained a number of words.

I hear of so many authors who have to cut their word count that I’m envious. What a luxury that would be.

So let’s have confessions.
Who struggles to reach 50,000 words?
Who struggles to cut their word count?

My June contest is still running. One week over – and no comments on my blog, so unfortunately no winners.

If you’d like a copy of my 75th book The Santorini Marriage Bargain – then just add a comment and email me your address, It’s as simple as that. Each week one name out of the hat will win a book, everyone else a bookmark. Rhianne and the gorgeous Greek, Zarek Diakos are anxious to hear from you!

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3 Responses to “winners and losers”

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Margaret, good luck with the final readthrough, I'm definitely a struggler to keep my word count down, I invariably find myself tipping the scales over 55k..!
    x Abby

  • Michelle Styles says:

    It depends on the book. BUT I always worry until I have made my word count.
    ANd then I worry that I have not put enough emotional layers in, if it doesn't go up…

  • Margaret Mayo says:

    Abby, you're so lucky!!

    Michelle, do we ever stop worrying?
    But would we have it any other way?

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