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The Santorini Marriage Bargain

Julie Bonello at CataRomance has just put up this fabulous review. I’m so excited by it that I’m posting it in full.

Review: The Santorini Marriage Bargain by Margaret Mayo

Margaret Mayo celebrates 75 books with a compelling Modern Romance that you will devour in a single sitting: The Santorini Marriage Bargain!

Rhianne Pickering is having a very bad day: she’s been made redundant and she’s just walked in on her fiancé having sex with her best friend and flatmate. Heartbroken, upset and angry, Rhianne doesn’t know what she is doing – and almost ends up under the wheels of a car! The driver, Greek billionaire Zarek Diakos, is certainly not amused!
Zarek has got enough to worry about without adding Rhianne’s problems to his plate. His beloved father is at death’s door and his poor mother is going out of her mind with worry. Yet, something about the vulnerable Rhianne strikes a chord with him and he soon finds himself inviting her to his hotel room! After hearing about her problems, Zarek finds himself compelled to offer Rhianne a job in his firm as his secretary, replacing his current PA who has gone on maternity leave. Rhianne soon proves to be a more than an adequate replacement for his former secretary. But little does she know that Zarek has got another job for her. A job that will change her life for ever…
When Zarek asks her to accompany him to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, Rhianne is initially taken aback, but she concedes to Zarek’s request. However, little does Rhianne expect to be introduced to his parents as his fiancée!
After breaking off her engagement with her fiancé, the last thing Rhianne wanted or needed was a relationship. But Zarek needs a wife if he is to inherit his father’s business and Rhianne cannot risk breaking the heart of the man which she has grown to love. Yet, Zarek makes it clear that theirs can only be a marriage of pure convenience. But will Rhianne manage to change his mind?

Modern Romance readers have a great treat in store for them with Margaret Mayo’s seventy-fifth novel for Mills and Boon. The Santorini Marriage Bargain is a compelling, emotional and heartwarming tale featuring a gorgeous Greek hero and a refreshing heroine who is strong and lively. Spiced with sizzling sexual tension, nail-biting emotional drama and tender love scenes, The Santorini Marriage Bargain is another triumph for one of the most reliable names in category romance: Margaret Mayo! Here’s to 75 more fabulous stories from the pen of this talented storyteller!

If you want to purchase it it’s available at Amazon or from Mills & Boon


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2 Responses to “The Santorini Marriage Bargain”

  • Lacey Devlin says:

    Fantastic review! But then all of your books are fabulous so how could it not be! I'd have posted it in full too 🙂

  • Margaret Mayo says:

    Thanks very much, Lacey. Email me your address and your copy will be on its way.

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