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Speed writing

Over the weekend I read Nicola Marsh’s blog about Sprinting. Sprinting with regard to writing. A fifteen minute writing sprint without stopping. It apparently increases your output so I thought I would give it a try this morning. But did it work? Not really. Before five minutes was up I’d stopped to read back through what I’d written. I guess it’s not in me to keep going. I need the reassurance that what has gone before is OK. I can’t seem to carry on if I don’t perfect as I go along. When I do have sprints, albeit mini ones, it’s because I know exactly where I’m going. At all other times I feel my way – every inch of it, every word, every sentence. How about you, are you a sprinter or a plodder?

Oh, and by the way, despite not sprinting I managed just over 3000 words today.

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