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Rafael’s plea

This is Rafael here, Margaret’s new hero. At least that’s the name she’s given me. She decided I was going to be Spanish but I’m not, I’m English, and I want an English name. She has written two whole chapters calling me Rafael and I hate it. So I need some help, guys.

I run a global chain of hotels and initially I was Raphael De Souza. But I think she told you that De Souza is already the name of a hotel group. So I not only need a Christian name, I need a surname that will look good and impressive on all of my hotels.

Can you get your thinking caps on for me? I’ll be eternally grateful.

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4 Responses to “Rafael’s plea”

  • Lacey Devlin says:

    I'm not at my most creative today but I'm going to give it a spin. I'm suggesting Aiden which means "born of fire" and I think that's pretty appropriate for an alpha male 😉 but if you want something quirky there's Alston. I've never known an Alston but it certainly is different ande I'm not so sure I'd want to take him on 🙂 As for last names… I stumbled across Ashcroft the other day 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    What about Rafe? It's a good English compromise on Rafael…x Abby

  • Michelle Styles says:

    I was going to suggest Rafe but Abby got there first.
    For last names check village names. Alston is a village in Cumbria.

  • Margaret Mayo says:

    Thanks, Lacey. I don't think Aiden would suit this hero, but I'll certainly bear it in mind for the future. Alston's good too. He'll go on my list.

    Abby & Michelle. I like Rafe. This would definitely suit him.

    Michelle, I remember years ago looking on a map for surnames. I'd forgotten about it. It's amazing what names you can come up with.

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