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The revisions are done. Vidal & Elena’s story is back on my editor’s desk.

And I’ve just received an excellent review from CataRomance on The Italian’s Ruthless Baby Bargain.

So despite the fact that there’s thick snow on the ground and it’s freezing cold I’m feeling very happy.

Nanny Penny Keeling knows that working for Santo De Luca is going to be anything but easy! Not only does the autocratic Italian expect her to be on call seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, but he also makes it quite clear that he does not like his staff to have boyfriends!

Romance is the last thing on Penny’s mind! After getting her heart shattered by a philandering boyfriend, Penny vowed to invest all of her time and energies into her job and to forget about men for the time being. But one forceful glance from Santo’s penetrating brown eyes and Penny starts wondering whether she has been too hasty in turning her back on the male of the species! But a man like Santo, a billionaire who is frequently photographed by the paparazzi with stunning supermodels on his arm, could surely never be attracted to an ordinary girl like her? Could he?

You can read the rest of the review here, but this is what the reviewer said:

I couldn’t put The Italian’s Ruthless Baby Bargain down! Margaret Mayo has written a terrific contemporary romance featuring a sexy Alpha hero and a feisty and independent heroine which readers will just adore. The Italian’s Ruthless Baby Bargain is the latest in a long line of captivating romantic tales by a writer who never fails to deliver sexy, sparkling and spellbinding contemporary romances!

On that high note I’m going to pack ready for my London trip.

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