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The word count is building slowly. On good days I usually average about 2000 words. Not much by some writer’s standards, but I’m happy with that figure. So far, with this book, though, I’ve never reached it and I’ve been trying to analyse why. I’ve decided it’s because that even though, at the end of play today, I’ve reached nearly 20,000 words, which is a good chunk of the story, I’ve not really had time to immerse myself into it without any distractions. Which means that I don’t have the flow that I get when I’m writing for several hours each day without interruption. It’s what comes of having workmen in to do various jobs. I’ll perhaps tell you more about that later because the project’s still ongoing. Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy my weekend and I hope you enjoy yours too whatever you’re doing.

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2 Responses to “Word count”

  • Michelle Styles says:

    Personally I think 2,000 per day is pretty good. Slow and steady wins the race.
    Did you know Iam Fleming wrote 2k per day?
    The vast majoirty of writers average around 500 -1000 wrods per day.

  • Margaret Mayo says:

    Michelle, It looks as though I’m in good company then with my 2k words.

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