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Empty Feeling

It’s a strange feeling when you send a book off. I feel empty. Happy yes, satisfied yes, but it’s as though part of me is missing. It’s been a big part of my life for four months and now that I’ve finally emailed the revisions to my editor I have no reason to sit at my desk each morning and immerse myself in Santo & Penny’s story. And that’s what I’m missing.

There are lot of things I could be doing, tidying my desk, cleaning the house, catching up on paperwork – but none of them are as enjoyable as writing. It takes me into another world – and for the Presents series that I write it takes me into a world of glamour. Of billionaires with their own private jets and beautiful houses in different parts of the world. My hero is usually a workaholic – he wouldn’t be a billionaire if he wasn’t a hard worker – but my heroine has rarely tasted such luxury. She might run her own business, or have a highly paid job, or she might be just an ordinary working girl. In the book I’ve just finished she’s a nanny. But no ordinary nanny. This is the first paragraph:

From the first moment Penny looked into Santo De Luca’s eyes she knew she was in trouble. They were the deepest, darkest brown she had ever seen, framed by long silky lashes, set beneath a pair of equally silky black brows. And they appeared to be looking into her soul, trying to find out what sort of a person she was before she had even spoken.

I think you can tell this is not going to be any ordinary nanny/employer relationship.

So for the next few days I’m going to feel sad that they’ve left me – except that I have other exciting things on the horizon – nothing to do with writing. If you’ve visited my website you might know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t – watch this space!

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