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I recently bought a new keyboard because the letters were rubbing off on my last one. They actually started to do it within a few months of buying it but the shop wouldn’t exchange, saying, well, they’re cheap to buy, get another one! Or words to that effect. So I bought a cheap from one from our local supermarket – trying to be thrifty – or maybe mean! The trouble with that one was that I had to hit the keys hard and since I’m a light-fingered typist, I kept missing letters out. So I now have an expensive, stainless steel, super duper, all singing keyboard. But guess what? The keys are so close together that I keep catching the ones above with my nails (and they’re not that long!) Consequently I get all sorts of odd letters appearing in my typescript.

What is it with keyboards? Has anyone else had any experiences like this?

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2 Responses to “Keyboards”

  • Roger says:

    Even if you don’t need an expensive computer (i.e. you are not running games) the monitor, keyboard and mouse are the things that you will look at or be hands-on with all of the time, so it is worth not skimping.

    It is best to find out what works best for you (spacing, as you have found out, pressure, keyclick, ergonomic layout (e.g. Microsoft natural keyboard) and so on) and moving them from computer to computer or replacing like with like.

    Obviously, filing your fingertips smooth and not sweating will help, too.

  • Margaret Mayo says:

    Thanks, Roger. Of course I should have known all this. And I’ve filed my fingertips!

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