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Excerpt Bedded At His Convenience

I want to apologise to anyone having problems with my website. It’s driving me crazy at the moment and I’m going to change from Geocities. So please be patient with me. And just in case you’re not able to read the excerpt from Bedded At His Convenience here it is again:

The day had gone much better than Hunter expected. Keisha had been receptive, interested in everything around her, and she hadn’t even objected when he took her to the office. Not that he’d introduced her to anyone except by her Christian name. He’d let her be the mystery lady.

No one knew that they’d once been married; as far as they were concerned he was an extremely eligible bachelor, and he was well aware that everyone wondered why some very glamorous female had never snapped him up. There were plenty of contenders, that was for sure, but he was interested in no one.

Keisha had been the love of his life, and she had killed that love. Maybe he’d been guilty to a certain extent of neglecting her, but surely not so much that she needed the company of other men? They’d still had a good love-life despite the long hours he worked. He could never forgive her for walking out. She deserved whatever she had coming to her.

They ate a light supper and then sat outside, enjoying the evening sunshine and for a while neither of them spoke. ‘What are you thinking?’ he asked eventually.

Keisha turned to look at him with those wide green eyes of hers, eyes that had once excited every inch of him! ‘How much I’ve enjoyed today,’ she answered.

And amazingly could still excite! ‘What did you like best?’

‘All of it,’ answered Keisha. ‘But mainly, I think, the cathedral because it’s so vast and so richly decorated, and the Tower of Gold because of its history and the fact that it’s all that remains of Seville’s medieval fortifications.’

Hunter’s brows rose a little. ‘I’m impressed. I didn’t realise that you had a fancy for old buildings.’

Keisha shrugged. ‘I guess there’s a lot about me you don’t know.’

‘Because I wasn’t a good enough husband and you ran out on me?’ he snorted through flared nostrils. Damn! He hadn’t intended to get angry. They’d had such a companionable day, more than that, actually. They’d been very close, and he’d wanted to carry it on to its ultimate conclusion.

He smiled, with difficulty. ‘I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have said that. I enjoyed today too.’ Which he had, very much – more than he’d expected. He’d enjoyed showing Keisha the sights, watching her face, seeing her wonderment, appreciation, joy even. Yes, it had been a good day.
And the night was going to be even better!

‘More wine?’ he asked. He’d brought the remains of the bottle out with him and he leaned forward now, bottle in hand ready to pour her another glass.

But Keisha shook her head. ‘Any more and I’ll have a headache.’

Meaning she’d retire to her room early before he could seduce her into sharing his bed! Immediately he put the bottle back down and inched his chair closer to hers.
‘I’m glad you appreciate the beauty of this part of the world,’ he said softly. ‘It means a lot to me. My mother was half Spanish; did you know that? I feel closer to her here.’
‘No, I didn’t know,’ answered Keisha.

Her smile was warm and she was totally relaxed. He could smell her perfume and feel her sensuality. She had changed into a low cut pink dress with frills at the shoulders and a flared knee length skirt. It suited her beautifully and she looked sexy and gorgeous, but what he really wanted to do was rip it off. He wanted to ravage her body and make her his – once again!

It was hard being patient.

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