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I’m extremely disappointed that my Geocities website which I was trying to move to another host isn’t working out as I’d hoped. I’ve got the site up and running but absolutely no pictures. None of me! Not that that really matters. It’s probably for the best. But more importantly none of my book covers. I’ve been back and forth with their online help people until my mind’s all over the place. The main trouble seems to be that I created the site in Microsoft Word. Apparently not a good thing to do. It’s been suggested I try again with a different programme. The trouble is I chose Word because it was simple. I’m not a computer techie and when people start talking to me in computer language I’m lost.

I thought it was a good thing in the first place having my own website. Actually it was my dear husband’s fault that I ever started it. He spotted a piece in our local paper advertising a six work course on basic web design. I was quite excited. And then disappointed when the course was fully booked. But they ran anther one a couple of months later and I was very pleased with myself when my website was up and running.

But then I got ambitious. I wanted another site with my own domain name (if you remember the free site kept locking people out when it was used too much – it’s still there, so you can always take a peek.). Unfortunately it didn’t work out quite as I expected.

And now I have extensive revisions to do I won’t have time to play at building websites. So all I can say is – watch this space! One day…

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